• Some countries will allow you to convert your South African Drivers Licence into a valid driver’s licence into the country of your current residence. The problem is that they might require you to provide a letter from the Roads and Transport Department in South Africa to confirm that you do in fact have a valid driver’s licence in South Africa.

    We can obtain this letter for you whether you have a card licence (that could have expired) or if your licence is still in your ID book.


    • Copy of ID

  • We will need you to send us:

    • Certified copy of ID
    • Certified copy of card drivers licence (front and back)
    • Certified copies must be dated and may not be older than two months
    • 2 passport photos (B+W or colour)

    Please note: The international drivers licence will only be valid for 1 year. However if your card licence expires within the next year, the international drivers licence will expire on the same date of expiry as the card license.

    Processing time:

    1 working day

    We will send your Interenational Drivers Licence back to you using Registered airmail (+/- 7-10 working days), EMS (+/- 6 working days), or via courier if you prefer.

  • To renew your licence, you will not be required to take a driving licence examination, but you will undergo eye testing and your fingerprints will be taken. Therefore you have to do this in person at a driving licence testing centre (DLTC) in South Africa.

    If you are currently living outside of South Africa, there is no penalty for renewing your licence after the expiry date.